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Specialists In Safe Construction

Our ethos is that safety comes first.  It is for this reason we create innovative bespoke designs for all new and upgraded gate systems and can provide servicing and maintenance for existing gate systems.  Our servicing and maintenance options guarantee that your automatic gate is safe and ensures longevity, as we implement the latest industry standards and use rigorous check lists so that nothing gets left out.

Design Team

We offer a design and consultation service.

Design and Consultation

Our experienced engineers can consult with you before, during and after installation.

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Do your gates comply with Health and Safety Regulations?

Ours do!

If you are unsure whether your gate meets the compliance of Health and Safety Regulations and British/European Standards, then we can offer a service to compliance risk assess your gates and achieve solutions to achieve satisfactory safety compliance.

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Force Testing

Safety edges do not work if they are set incorrectly!

Getting it right

We are fully committed to gate safety and therefore we offer a service to force test your gates to ensure the closing and opening forces are correct which is a requirement of the British/European Standards and HSE guidance.

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CE Marking

The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations

Clearly Labelled

James Automation CE mark all completed installations by CE Marking as per The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations and provide a signed Declaration of Conformity.

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Load Testing

Making sure materials can do what they need to


We can load test to ensure Safe Working Loads of materials meet the requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations.

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Latest Projects

Here at James Automation we are proud of our work.  Check out these articles detailing what we have been up to recently:


What Our Customers Say

Stuart Cope

“James Automation and Paul James installed four new barriers for us on time and within budget and I would highly recommend his company’s services.”

STUART COPE • Managing Director • Margaret L Johnson Ltd
Will Carling

“Paul was superb in the speed and detailed delivery that he produced for us. His service during and since has been outstanding, and I highly recommend him and his company.”

Keith Steptoe

“Paul and his team installed some automatic gates on our property about 5 years ago. Everything went to plan and the quality of workmanship and gates was excellent. And they are still working perfectly.”

KEITH STEPTOE • SME Business Coach & Mentor

Our Core Values

Safety underpins everything we do, but there is more to it that just that.

“I want to be able to walk past any one of our installations in 20 or 30 years time and proudly announce that we did that!”

Paul James – Owner


At James Automation we take safety very seriously. Here are some of the industry standards organisations who agree with us:

Maintaining Safe Automatic Gates

If you need your existing gate system maintained or brought up to modern safety standards,  we can help.


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